Hello!  When I am out and about, I receive a few questions here and there and I’m sure some of you want to know.


Why did you start The Episodic Eater?


As I mentioned on my About Me page, my other website Vintage Zest is dedicated to sewing, crafting, recipes, organization, travel, and my adventures around town.  Every week, I have a wrap-up post that includes all the weeks adventures, including eating out.  After visiting New Orleans for a few days, that meant I had 10 different restaurants all smushed into one post, along with all the sights I saw.  My dining experiences were being shortchanged and incompletely cataloged, and I realized that a blog completely dedicated to food was in order.  So here we are!


Do you eat everything yourself?


Yes!  Well, almost always yes…  I taste 95% of the dishes featured on the blog, although I usually don’t eat the WHOLE plate because I photograph everything that everyone orders at the table.  The 5% of dishes that I don’t try are because I can’t eat pork, which means that I appoint one of my foodie friends and family to be my stand-in taster.  Otherwise, I have a huge appetite and I love trying new dishes, so if you see it here, the answer is probably yes!


Do you take your own pictures?


Yes!  If you see it here, it’s my picture.  Like I said, I pretty much only share what I eat and photograph everything myself.  In the old days, I used my iPhone 4S, but now I have an iPhone 7 and the fancy camera pictures are taken with the Sony NEX-3 or the Canon EOS M3.  It makes photos look way better even .  Also, if I take any photos at home at night, sometimes I use the Lowel EGO Digital Imaging lighting set-up.  Beerface will try his


Will you come visit my restaurant, food event, or try my food product?


Sure!  I love to try new restaurants and foods, so send me an e-mail.  I am happy to to be contacted for reviews, events, and sponsored posts.  I have attended many food tastings and festivals and I would love to be a part of your event, in addition helping to spread the word!  I do however have lots of requests and maintain a very busy schedule, so please contact me ASAP to be added to my list! For a media kit or a sample of sponsored posts, please e-mail me.