My name is Diane, and I am a huge eater.  I say eater and not foodie because I actually eat!  🙂  Yes, I don’t just enjoy seeing food, making food, photographing food, and tasting food…  I eat!  On trips abroad, I have been known to plan a day completely around what dishes we need to try.  All in the name of good traveling of course!

Most of the time, you can find me bouncing around L.A. County and Orange County looking for new restaurants & dishes, attending food festivals, following food trucks, and revisiting my favorite local spots.  Need a restaurant suggestion?  I’m your gal, and my friends and family know it!

I was recently named one of 10 Female Foodies to Follow on Instagram by Sauté Magazine, so definitely keep up with me on Instagram for the latest and the greatest in my food adventures!


So why did I start this blog?


As you may know, I have a website called Vintage Zest, which is dedicated to sewing, crafting, recipes, organization, travel, and my adventures around town.  Every week, I write a post that wraps up my life, including plans with friends, crafts/recipes I have been working on, and the restaurants we visited.  In order to keep my weekly posts from becoming too lengthy, I had to compress my photographs and thoughts about restaurants into tiny collages and short statements.

My dining experiences were being shortchanged and incompletely cataloged, and I realized that a blog completely dedicated to food was in order.  So here we are!

I enjoy eating everywhere from street vendors to Michelin starred restaurants, small mom-and-pop restaurants to huge food events. As much as I love staying healthy, I love a good grilled cheese and I have a serious sweet tooth!




If you want to know more about me, check out the About Me page on Vintage Zest for more info, or to contact me, feel free to send me an e-mail here!

And then sit back, relax, and enjoy perusing the way to this girl’s heart!  Check out the entire list of places I have eaten since starting the blog.  Oh, and you may want to grab a snack before you get too hungry.  🙂


Bon appetit!

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