Fig & Olive (Newport Beach, CA)

For my guy’s birthday, his family wanted to take everyone out to Fig & Olive.  Remember, I loved it when we went for Father’s Day this year in this post!  Besides the beautiful food, the ambiance is beautiful in this newest location as well!

Here is a view of the exterior with a beautifully lit sign.  🙂

 photo FigampOlive3_zpscb849dc7.jpg

And as I mentioned, this location opened just two days earlier.  For that reason, the service was pretty slow, but it gave us more of a chance to enjoy my guy’s birthday celebration!

 photo FigampOlive2_zps0fe1ccc1.jpg

We ordered 6 of their fabulous crostini, which was one of my favorite parts of the dinner!

 photo FigampOlive4_zps37b2d3d0.jpg

My guy ordered a carrot-ginger soup to start.  Of course, they had an olive oil tasting, served with fresh focaccia, perfect for dipping.  🙂  Yum!

 photo FigampOlive5_zpsa9261b39.jpg

Now between appetizers and entrees, the wait was about an hour, so I took a look around our surroundings.  I love the style of this restaurant!

 photo FigampOlive9_zps8db80d9f.jpg

We were seated in the patio area, and this fireplace was kept us nice and toasty!

 photo FigampOlive11_zps601a9f23.jpg

Back to the food!  For dinner, we ordered all kinds of entrees.  The cioppino was very good.  🙂

 photo FigampOlive6_zpsc15e48f5.jpg

I ordered the Fettucini Shrimp Mascarpone to satisfy my pasta craving.  The pasta was a bit overcooked, but the shrimp was fantastic!  I could always do with more cherry tomatoes, too.  🙂

 photo FigampOlive7_zps76306d56.jpg

The birthday boy ordered a Filet Mignon, of course!

 photo FigampOlive8_zps45c8f471.jpg

Now, I insisted that we get dessert because I remembered how fantastic the desserts were.  It was a long dinner (running on three hours), but it was a birthday celebration!

 photo FigampOlive10_zps3a1712a2.jpg

Everyone was happy when the Dessert Crostini arrived!  It is made with Amarena cherry, mascarpone, pistachio shortbread, and micro-basil.  I could eat this every day and never grow tired of it.  🙂

 photo FigampOlive12_zps3a79ee87.jpg

The other dessert was the Crème Brûlée cheesecake with caramelized white peaches.  I can’t even explain how delicious the cheesecake was, but you can imagine from the picture and description alone!

 photo FigampOlive13_zps2405b73b.jpg

After dinner, I was pretty full, so we took one last turn around the restaurant just to see more of the beautiful design.

 photo FigampOlive16_zps30d2828b.jpg

Look at the size of that sectional!

 photo FigampOlive17_zps9ec907b0.jpg

I do love this restaurant, but I think that the L.A. location is just a smidge better.  Perhaps it is growing pains, and I hope that the food quality and service eventually catches up.  In any case, it is a fantastic restaurant with beautiful food and surroundings.  All-in-all, a great birthday for my man!

Bon appétit!

Fig & Olive – Newport Beach
151 Newport Center Drive
Newport Beach, CA 92660
(949) 877-3005

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