The Experience: Smog City Brewing – Steelcraft (Long Beach, CA)

Beerface McGilicutty here, and I have a special piece here for you. I was lucky enough to have the pleasure of enjoying the wonderful beer from Smog City Brewing Company, along with some awesome food over at Steelcraft in Long Beach with The Episodic Eater. I will leave the food to The Episodic Eater though. […]

Rock & Brews (Rancho Cucamonga, CA)

  What’s rockin’ everyone? This year is starting off with a bang, and I wanted to share with you one place that I’ve heard about for a while now, but hadn’t visited until now: Rock & Brews!     When I heard that co-founder Gene Simmons was going to be at the Rancho Cucamonga location, […]

January 2017 Beer Review – Winter Brews

I hope everyone’s holidays went as well as they could have with a drink in hand, and good food on your plate. If that drink did not live up to expectation, do not worry, I have some more recommendations for you that are sure to not disappoint. I have had some outstanding beer lately, so […]

December 2016 Beer Review: The Best Beers for Cold Weather

Beerface McGilicutty here! I was gone for a while on a bit of an odyssey. I’ve taken some time away to race tiger sharks in the water, wrestle bears, have boxing matches with kangaroos, and play tug-of-war with lions. But, I’m back and it’s BEER TIME!     This fall-winter season has been stellar to […]

MILK + T (Los Angeles, CA)

Before I even started The Episodic Eater, I was all about the food trends and trying everything new.  While boba in Southern California is more of a staple and less of a trend, and food trucks exploded here several years ago, there is something completely fresh and new about the Milk + T‘s boba truck. What […]

Del Frisco’s Grille (Santa Monica, CA) – Valentine’s Day Menu

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, I admit that I don’t always make plans… but I had a preview of Del Frisco’s Grille‘s menu, and this is definitely worth planning for!  Even better, they are serving the menu all weekend, so you can have it Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, if your little heart desires! For […]

GD Bro Burger (Signal Hill, CA) – Grand Opening!

Alert!  Alert!  GD Bro Burger is opening in Signal Hill on Saturday, February 6th at noon, and I had an inside sneak peek of their second brick-and-mortar location.  You may remember their award-winning truck from Food Network’s Great Food Truck Race, and you definitely cannot forget that red bun.  🙂 There is one item that […]